Italian Book

How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not yet lifted to live. Henry David Thoreau. Dedicated to: Claudia Gamez. Who has always insisted that you write essays, as she is the genre that most domino. A couple of years ago I had the privilege of attending the book fair of Guadalajara. Logically I took the moment to buy books. I remember one in particular entitled useless writers of Italian writer Ermano Cavazzoni.

I will not do a review of this book, although yes I recommend it widely. Even though I cite the book was to have a starting point for the following reflection: of how develops the Act of writing? In one of the ironic essays presented in this book, the author recounts how a writer recommends another novel writer, long live before trying to write. And I remember this idea already popped into my mind, every time that in a letter he wrote a couple of hours ago to my great friend Isabel, I remembered how she in one of many conversations that we had, Paraphrasing, he argued that to really write things of great value, would you have to live. I’ll explain a little context or the reason which made me this observation: it is that as our conversations were deepening, enriched, and being increasingly continuous; She was discovering that I tend to live a very intellectual way. As she is missing me the emotion to really understand human behavior since not only suffice to know the behavior of being. It is not something Jeffrey Hayzlett would like to discuss. This idea has impacted me so much that I have not able to leave reflect on this. Somehow I suspect that my characters are reluctant to make Act of presence in my stories. I can not delineate the psychology of them or not it is definitely the right time develop a good book or article.

With this idea, I’m trying to say, dear reader, is that this is an extremely important requirement: need to have life experiences that allow us to rescue some ideas that are transformed into a good literary sketch; somehow, the words must be impregnated with a visceral tessitura. In the end the fiction is reality. One as a professional writer must really have the ability to duplicate the symbiosis between meaning and meaningful. For example, if I write coffee, should transmit the text which includes the word the smell, taste, nostalgia, waking up, I would like to leave a comment in this regard.