Who Is The Blame

The blame is only an escape valve that allows us to evade responsibility and the consequences of the decisions we make. You have taught us to use this exhaust valve accepting it as something natural and inevitable. We have heard our parents, our relatives and friends blamed at some point by their circumstances someone. We have grown up sharing our reality with the guilt and which of course blame someone always account with a large sack of reasoning underpinning your reason. There are three categories within the so-called guilt; The first category is my fault.

We will not be satisfied with decisions, or decisions that we’re not on time and we cling to that circumstance of the past as if in this way we could change it. My low fault our self-esteem tremendously since constantly puts us in the position of fear before the decisions we have to take today and we flooded with rancor towards ourselves. This leads us to punish us and deprive us of wonderful in our present things since we will not be worthy to receive these wonderful things. The second category is por tu culpa. We are victims of the decisions, whims or evil of another human being. This is a fairly comfortable position because while we consider another human being responsible for our present, our reality, it means that us apart from suffering and hate can do nothing. Because of him leaves us in the position of spectator. We have handed over control of our lives and our reality to another human being and not this in our hand to change the circumstances. The center of our attention is hatred and bitterness towards this human being, and this freezes any possibility to take control of our life and go back to the post of protagonists of our lives. The third category is the fault of.