Walton International Group Profiteers

Fund provides investors with Pinal County 2 all advantages of the experienced developer of the country’s the Walton head William Doherty did not take it and public funds in Germany presented a few days ago the first US Landbanking the 130 present advisors of the company on the Konigswinter Petersberg itself. He made it clear that now the time is right, to invest in land in selected locations in the United States. In addition the Fund subscribers be the profiteers of the crisis one of the world’s largest Landbanking provider that this percentage of purchase prices and full independence to the banks. Walton Fund are now pure equity funds and invest only if the sale of the land is largely secured. Also, no foreign capital must be recorded on the purchase of the land. Walton comes here to the Fund in advance\”. Although the United States would so currently plagued by a housing crisis, the expected growth of the population would be alone Basis for the demand for cultivable land.

However, the concentration on the metropolitan regions, of which the U.S. expelled Department of Commerce of only ten is important here. Says Neil MC Cullagh, Managing Director of Europe, Walton: Walton’s first goal is to protect the invested capital of our investors. For 29 years, not a single investor has ever lost money. This has been through an extensive land-acquisition process ‘ in North America. We spend at least two to four years of careful research in our target areas before we buy land, to ensure that only strategically located land for low-cost development is acquired. We buy then significant land in the target regions and long time partner of the local government. Walton’s second target is the capital of our investors through the land-planning team, which is the best in its class, to grow. It is in particular the current account deficit, which is now so attractive for investors Walton.