Voluntary Climate Protection

A voluntary climate protection VSM is a pioneer in the Hannover region. VSM is a pioneer in the Hannover region. All printed matter of VSM United Sander und Maschinenfabrik AG are printed from the immediately successive yet only carbon-neutral and will wear the well-known trademark “Laughing world”. With this commitment to voluntary climate protection, VSM in the Hannover region occupies a leading role. Annual reports, brochures in more than 5 languages, packaging or posters each climate-neutral printing is a voluntary contribution to climate protection and at the same time a chance to position themselves with one of the most important future issues of our time. Who knows VSM United Sander and Maschinenfabrik AG, Board of Directors Bernhard von Heyl, know that we use all possibilities for years, to make the production more environmentally friendly.

Today we are Hanover first company, that its entire printing products with the predicate of climate-neutral print printed at Agency-direct and media GmbH in Hanover persistent connect allows for Board of Directors Bernhard von Heyl this step is further evidence for the environmental awareness as part of the corporate culture. The calculation of a 20-page brochure in format DIN A4, 4-color, 170 g / m2 and a circulation following calculation results in 1,000: paper 864,1 kg CO2 paints and varnishes 3.78 kg CO2 machine Insert 88,60 kg CO2 pressure plates 46,16 kg CO2 transport 79,21 kg CO2 sub-total 1.081,85 kg of CO2 10% extra charge 108,18 kg CO2 total 1.190,03 kg of CO2 for compensation (carbon neutral) with recognised certificates cost at a nominal certificate price of 13 euros only about 15 euro. The need to act globally to reduce CO2 emissions in particular, is undisputed. Every individual and every company has the chance to make a contribution themselves. Climate-neutral printing is one of these opportunities.

An innovative approach that is very useful not only for the climate, but also for corporate communications. Not for nothing, more and more companies use on value-based marketing. Companies that climate-neutral printing, benefit from their action through innovative message, which is recognized and honored as an intelligent and credible contribution of their customers and business partners. Climate-neutral print with the print, they put a conscious sign of innovation, commitment and value-oriented management. In any case, climate-neutral print products are an important piece of credibility so Matthias Achorner marketing and communication agency directly print and media GmbH. How does “climate-neutral printing”? A detailed emission inventory of the respective publication is created as a basis for climate neutrality. In addition to taking into account production, CO2 emissions, for example, through energy, logistics, administration and cleaning agents, also the individual parameters of the respective printed product, how about color and color, transport flow and most important: a paper, in the overall calculation. With the “ClimatePartner emission classes for” graphic papers”is a look into the future the Munich strategy consulting: because in the paper manufacture very different CO2 emissions arise: of less than 500 kg of CO2 per tonne up to 3,000 kilograms of CO2 per tonne. Is the calculated CO2 emissions, this can be offset by the purchase and the decommissioning of emission certificates from recognized, high-quality and additional climate protection projects. A wind farm in India, solar kitchens in South African townships, or the production of energy from biomass in South America – there are many projects that are possible through additional financing within the framework of climate neutrality. VSM United Sander and machines Fabriken AG wife Natalie Dinter Siegmund str. 17 D-30165 Hannover Tel.: + 49 511 3526-0 fax: + 49 511 3521-315 E-Mail: infoatvsmag. de