The Question

6.7. It fits to used 6.7.1. It fits to the employee how much to EPI: ) to use, using it only for the purpose the one that if destines; b) to make responsible for the guard and conservation; c) to communicate to the employer any alteration becomes that it improper for use; e, d) to fulfill the determination of the employer on the adequate use. Therefore, the work and its peculiarities not necessarily must be come back toward attainment of the profit and organizacional advantage, but to aim at to the health and security of its collaborators, therefore they are responsible them for the production of the good or service and consequentemente the profit of the organization, and so that this occurs, she not only needs the envolvement of the employer, however of whom they integrate the organization. 5 Prevention of Accidents in the Environment of Work the work to have accord between its functions and to get financial success, needs to be managed in efficient way the question of security guard and health in its labor activities. A work environment where the conditions physics do not propitiate the physical security and health of the collaborator can cause economic, social and legal damages the organization. It is necessary that it has one preventive politics that makes possible ambient salubrity in the work. The legislation of security of the Brazilian work considers as ambient risks, agent physicists, biological chemistries and. To be considered factor of ambient risk the risk agent it must be present in the environment of work in specific concentrations and intensity, and the maximum time of exposition of the worker they is determined by preset limits. The agents of risks are: 1) Physical agents – they elapse of processes and productive equipment can be: noise and vibrations; abnormal pressures in relation to the atmospheric pressure; extreme temperatures (high and low); ionizing radiations and not ionizing radiations.