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Rural tourism is an ideal way to spend a few days getting closer to nature, in the mountains, the field or by the sea.The Department of Quindio in Colombia, has a wide range of rural tourism with different options and for all tastes, in addition to offering comfortable accommodations, premium services provided. Get ready for adventure and participates in a number of attractive tourism with different activities, leaving you captivated by the traditions of the coffee. By opting for rural tourism, you can explore this beautiful region, following their routes and official trails, which will take you in the protected areas with a natural kaleidoscope of beauty of the landscapes. There is a saying that to really know a country has to live among its inhabitants, learn their customs, chat with the locals and learn how they live.Perhaps this is the reason behind flourishing rural tourism in Colombia and its growing popularity among the tourists. Throughout Colombia, the farming communities of the Eje Cafetero in different cities, towns and most beautiful corners of the country, have rooms with all the accessories that have been built to offer a self host area, away from the noisy cities and close to nature, with landscapes and wonders of Quindio. The rural experience will give you the opportunity to meet remote communities and interact with its residents, most of whom are farmers who will welcome you and will offer you accommodations full of charm and suites next to fields and orchards.These accommodations are located near historic sites and places of interest, so that you can quickly and easily get to all these places, while that at the same time, learn about the different types of communities and lifestyles. Rural tourism has developed considerably in recent decades and now offers a warm alternative that includes accommodation in a rustic atmosphere in the the heart of nature, with delicious dishes from the best of local produce.