The Life

Each one of in them could very be estagnado well waiting that the day happens, pass ahead of its eyes without nothing to make. But what it would be to use to advantage this day that nothing was made? We could make optimum of we ourselves, of the optimum one of we ourselves, so that it was not plus one day in ours lives, but day in our lives. We can be better, we can make optimum, we can reconstruct what it was destroyed or waits very for being constructed. The good can leave of our ethical actions, of optimum that we have. To accept the life is to make with that it is better to each day of our lives, without waiting for destination and external impulses. It would be as to only wait that the others only practise the charity, the others that would have to make the good, optimum of itself and to be ethical. We are and we would have to be participant assets of the life of each day that is presenteada in them.

We cannot know if each minute that if passes is our last minute, but we could use to advantage it as if it was last of all the minutes, through thick and thin and of every day lived it ties then. We need to use to advantage what we receive from way such that is optimum of all the other days and minutes and hours of our lives. We need to love each as that it is credited in them in our lives every day. We need to love each attitude that we take, each decision as if she was the last one of our lives. The power of perhaps to love these moments in them would make better people. You could love more, to use to advantage more what it was given in them, to discover new things, to learn more and to enjoy this world more than.