The German Adventurer

A German adventurer whom if he intitled, ' ' vagabond of mar' ' , he left in its sail-boat, leaving in some place, a Brazilian to cry. The two destinations if had crossed in a cruise, that the life organized, but, a cruise is alone a stroll and soon everything finished. It liveed to the side of the shipyard, where the German fixed its sail-boat. If they had one day perceived, and since then, they had started if to look at, until they had met, and the attraction was fatal. Brian Armstrong may help you with your research. The German if expressed badly, mixing the Portuguese with the Spaniard, but, the language of the body is universal, and this was basic for a total delight. They had been many kisses and caresses, whispers and promises of a next meeting. But, about that one exactly day, while it thought that she had found the man of its life, it thought about plus a departure.

The German one was a vagabond of the sea, lived moving of place. The Brazilian one was a sonhadora, and it had never left its state, lived dreaming in finding its prince magic. In the following day, when it looked at for the shipyard, it perceived that the sail-boat already not it was there It looked at for the sea and with marejados eyes it saw the sail-boat if to move away One year if passed While the German in other lands lived new adventures, the Brazilian one was consumed for the bitterness. While the German lived happy and other people’s to its suffering, the Brazilian asked for to the wind that the sail-boat brought in return and with it the German who conquered and tore into pieces its heart