The Best Of The Valley Of Valledupar

Only enough looking back, when you walk through one of the melancholic streets of this historic city, to aware you that everything is still there, as maybe your grandparents saw it or your same eyes already a few decades ago. Although the infrustuctura follow changing and with it the boom of growth and avant-gardism engages every day in the city, this proud of herself and of her glorious past it stays current through the slow passage of time, thus, and no matter what today added you, manifest as few its real beauty, which goes more beyond a luxury Mall or a few family cannos from history hundreds to stay in the sweetness that it segregates its environment, full of fantasy paralyzed in time and dreams that are still circling around every corner to catch you and invite you to discover it. Today, valledupar, pretends to be a contemporary city, by some more she stays ferrea querrer be traditional and provinvial until erased from the face of the Earth, and even if so, you want to persist within and outside own memories as that land imbued with strength and expanded to weight of love and affection that wept and laughed inside their houses and their leafy handles bass, not because s eniegue to change, but because he has understood that its true added value is not within the gold with which can be decorated but within every heart of its inhabitants regardless of their roots or origins, because even the best of the Valley, is still innate ability that posse to make you travel back in time toward the step or the future, llevandote in the gigantic wings of their floklor, that is not more than your heart, to teach you is that the best of Valledupar, yourself when you’re able to understand his ternuera and his colorful historyto make you aprte it and let your heart vibrate with their music and beat with its greatness, the greatness of his glory.. .