The Actors

-Generation of current of opinion favourable to the process. -Generate discussion spaces and work methodologies to follow. If you are not convinced, visit Chevron U.S.A. Inc. -Dissemination of meaningful information of the process between the actors involved and permanent feedback. -Formulation and signing of agreements agreed and dissemination thereof. -Execution of agreements based on the commitments made by the parties. -Evaluation of the process and monitor compliance of the conciliation agreements unfolds, schematically speaking; through the first preparative stage, another of discussion or negotiation, subscription agreements or decisions and for monitoring and evaluation. Should be borne in mind that the Act of arranging is not a strictly technical or methodological topic, this has a lot of interactive, given that stakeholders put into discussion their needs, interests, positions and it passes through a situation in which actions of power come into play: press, guide the process, stress and influence, etc.

For example, a concertadora experience can find agree or make joint decisions among representatives of different positions and interests: a group of citizens and a group of businessmen tending for the use of a scarce natural resource in its region as a common good, all with different positions on the subject to agree on. In carrying out a successful consultation experience will bring as a result of this process: developing and strengthening the capacities of the agents involved in the field of management, communication, negotiation and processes driving. Generate and strengthen social leaders at the local, regional and national level improve the management of resources at all levels (human, economic, financial, natural, etc.) in the area in which the process has been taken. Improve and increase local capacities to take advantage of development opportunities generate new social networks, trust between the actors and strengthen organizations. The main result of all concertadora action lies in the decisions or consensus agreements that take over one or several points referred to in the work agenda.