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Biodiversity: North And South

No wonder that we will discuss that more and more pressures on the natural environment to increase with the development, progress of technology, with a wider use of potentially harmful processes with growing populations, increasing poverty and causing extensive damage to the planet. Graduate Program Specialty Quality management and productivity of Faces at the University […]

Executive Advice

The Certified Reductions of Emissions (RCEs), that permissions are seen as for emission of GEEs, can be commercialized with countries that had not reached the goals of reductions. Therefore, countries as Brazil that does not have the obligation, before the Protocol of Kyoto, to diminish the emission of pollutants, can develop technologies for the production […]

Environment Cellular

A surprising number of people possesss and uses cellular telephones, with the current numbers totalizing 800 million users in the world all. The cellular telephone became something important in the day the day, and speeds businesses and chances of trips, while it allows communication through the globe. However, the high numbers of users of cellular […]

PartnerAmbient Profile

Partner-Ambient profile of the Region of Ouro Preto and Mariana/MG. For Rubens Tavares Dos Santos ' ' The dominant standards of production and consumption are causing ambient devastao., reduction of the resources and a massiva extinguishing of species. Communities are being ruined. The benefits of the rich and poor development being equitably divided and the […]


If Botarmos the hand in the conscience, we go to perceive the importance that the environment represents in them, the life human being the dependent fauna of the nature to survive, more today the man is not having this vision of preservation, the destruction is continuous in the day the day, we take as main […]

Urban Support

The development of the Amazon region its cities and States, always was atrelado the governmental guardianship, that, most of the time traced plans of economic development that they had failed in its final intention. Scientific studies can assure categorically that, the failure of such measures had to the isolated character of the public politics suggested […]

Consumer Environment

Badly the inhabitants of our ship Land had begun the internalizao of the serious earthquake followed of tsunami in Japan in 2011, that she cut with a scythe thousand of lives and she caused huge economic damages to the country, of difficult mensurao and that certainly will produce important impact global, had started the protests […]

Development And Environmental Resources

BARGAIN OF the ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES FOR the DEVELOPMENT Robson Ribeiro de S? Lawyer and specialist in Enviromental law. The beginning of equity intergeracional is principle exordial, cousin principium of development sustainable, that is the use balanced and moderate of the natural resources and the biodiversity of form that comes to supply the necessities of the […]

Global Heating

At the present moment we pass for a world-wide crisis in relation to the environment (global heating) in which some people affirm that the sugar cane-of-sugar contributes in the process of pollution of the environment. Thus this study it has objective to clarify some rumors in relation to the sugar cane-of-sugar and the sucroalcooleiro sector […]

Federal Constitution

As it establishes the Federal Constitution, ' ' all have right to the environment ecologically balanced, public easement of the people and essential to the healthy quality of life, imposing themselves it the Public Power and to the collective the duty to defend it and to preserve it for the future gifts and geraes' ' […]