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Polyon Barkai Ltd

Foil sealing trays Multilayer barrier film polymeric materials for hermetic sealing of various plastic containers. Have a low temperature welding, good barrier properties. Multilayer barrier films are used in all processes of the package, including the use of protective gas (USG) and sterilization. If necessary, multi-layered barrier films can be made with a variety of […]

Crisis Management

I would like to introduce you to the concept of crisis management business, which will tell you how to do business in a crisis and how to make money on it. Now worldwide crisis, who does not know about? Probably only babies about it. Going an incredible amount of staff cuts in production, lost capital, […]


Nowadays agriculture is definitely in need of an impressive volume of investment funds that can provide its technical re-equipment, the improvement of logistical base foundations, construction of residential complexes in the village. Directly to the latter holds, in principle, both through the construction of completely new industrial buildings, just as well at the expense of […]

IPhone App

For cydia repositories is one of the applications for the iPhone that is starting to write its history. Like so many other AIDS of this type, it aims to improve the actions of one of the appliances more revolutionaries of all time in terms of communication as such and entertainment. On the one hand, it […]

Productive Methods

Internet – is not only a fount of good quality information. For many, it is also one of the options gains, which can be as basic and additional. The concept of Internet marketing involves a huge set of actions, used for the site, to attract a targeted audience. How to make money online right now […]


Probiotics are live microorganisms (in the majority of cases, bacteria) found in the human gut where exercise a beneficial function. They are also called friendly bacteria, or good bacteria.The beneficial effects found from a species or strain of probiotics is not necessarily true for others, or even for various preparations of the same species or […]