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The actor in our proposal, not only searchs the knowledge and the domain of its body, it looks for to exceed it so that, at last, in the estranhamento of this process, can at last, to receive refluxo from the creation. Such refluxo, is not something abstract or idealized in the mind of one thinker […]

Human Locomotive System

Locomotive system the locomotive system is formed by agencies, cartilages, muscles and joints. The function of the skeleton is to serve of sustentation and protection for the agencies, beyond giving format of as a whole. Already the muscles, with its capacity of contraction and relaxation, allow to change the position of definitive regions of the […]

Cortez One

Today, it is tried to demand thinking, what it has been the great difficulty of the professors, therefore does not have to comocontrolar it, since something internal to the citizen is. The person who is thinking que only knows it plus nobody. When the parents send its children to the school, manifestamgrande anxiety in seeing […]

Pickup Gain Pressure

The losses can have to the attrition and dynamic. Losses due to the attrition the losses due to the attrition must to efei them to you viscous and are a result of the exchange me – mento it enters molecules in the laminar regimen and between particles individual and the adjacent fluid layer that if […]