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Systems for control of attendance and schedule controls, are vital part of any business. Although somewhat exaggerated, companies lose millions of dollars each year because of employees who arrive late, leave early or recorded income of colleagues who have not gone to work. Biometric systems, access control, have begun to expand to many organizations, so it is already very normal to find with biometric scanners in many places. When reference is made to the biometrics, many people think of a fingerprint reader, but this is only one of several systems. What happens is that systems, fingerprint, are the most common and the least expensive to implement in any organization. The iclock is a biometric system, control of schedules, making a reading of ridges and valleys in a fingerprint, to then create complex algorithms; that you represent a fingerprint information. On many occasions, is a better idea to store more than one fingerprint, if a finger suffered an alteration because of a mishap. Other types of biometric systems for the control of schedules, such as the recognition of hand, require large readers.

Thus, a terminal captures a three-dimensional hand image, everytime the employee put it into the reader. The shape and the size of the hand are used to verify the identity of each employee. Systems, Palm readers, can cost double fingerprint scanning systems and therefore, many people prefer the latter. Facial recognition technique, is one that boom are taking at the moment, but requires powerful computers and is somewhat slow. However, advances in order to improve it are being made. Iris recognition uses infrared to see the pattern of blood vessels in the back of the eye. Like facial recognition, this technique is becoming increasingly popular. This procedure is a secure system, but also requires very powerful computers, In addition to presenting other limitations. With all these biometric systems available, you should opt for the option most convenient for users. In the case of biometric clocks there to familiarize people with this kind of systems and make them understand that your biometric information will always be secure.