If Botarmos the hand in the conscience, we go to perceive the importance that the environment represents in them, the life human being the dependent fauna of the nature to survive, more today the man is not having this vision of preservation, the destruction is continuous in the day the day, we take as main example the Atlantic bush, that it has enormous a social and ambient importance, immense a natural biodiversity, is being devastada, the illegal wood extration for the coal production and sales without control, the great forest fires that they destroy the springs, traffics of animals Sylvesters, hunting and fish illegal, farmers opening bare places between the bushes growing its cattle one, and with these negative actions the animals that obtain to survive are having choice, search shelter causing accidents in the highways, being run over by the cars, provoking serious accidents and deaths of innocents causing the extinguishing of its proper species. Also having the abusive use of agrotxico in the great farmings, rivers being poludos increasing the deaths of fish, and cad fiscalization of the competent agencies? Nobody to see and does not know you are welcome, then because the authorities receive gratuities, a test of this is the enormous loaded wood trucks, passing freely in front of the authorities and they are not stopped, animal being smuggled even for the post offices, these are ones of the predators of the nature in the agricultural zone and the authorities contribute so that this occurs. does not stop for there, in the urban zone the industries, public companies and private they are the great causers of the pollution, toxic smokes affecting air that we breathe chemical products and sewer draining for the streets and rivers provoking illnesses the population and deaths of sea lives, the same one does not stimulate the society to recycle for reduction of the garbage that account of the cities takes, only thinks about getting profit more and nothing, at last day after day our world if it consumes due to preservation on the part of all. .