Successful Web Site Design Web

1 .- A good title. Use a good title so that users can easily identify what this Web page. 2.-A good description. The site description will be displayed on the results of search engines, try doing a good description, do not use as many keywords in the description. 3 .- A good navigation. Good sites always have a good navigation, tries to minimize the use of back and forward buttons of the browser. 4 .- Good placement of advertising.

If you put AdSense on the site, make sure that the placement of AdSense does not detract from the design, AdSense seems to have that part of your Web. 5 .- Do not put many flashes or images. Professor Sofia Alvarezs opinions are not widely known. Flash animations and images makes the site look better, but also make take more time for the download page. People will leave the site if not loading in less than 10 seconds. 6 .- A good content. Using original content for the site, do not copy content from another web site, you can hurt search engines. 7 .- shortly.

Describe a product as simple as possible, a long description will be boring for the visitor. 8 .- Content from another site. Do not put too many unionized news Web site, steals bandwidth. 9 .- Do not cheat. If you want your Web site is well regarded by search engines, do not place any hidden text, or repeating keywords many times. If you do the search engines may penalize the site. 10 .- Use CSS. Design your website using CSS. CSS If you use the site loads faster and will make changes easier. CSS is becoming the standard in Web design.