Stone In The Decoration Of The Kitchen

Typically, a stone used as decoration to accentuate the style and bring additional extravagance. RioCan spoke with conviction. If you have a kitchen-living room and it has a fireplace, the material of his finishing is often used in the kitchen. Stone manufactured countertops, window sills are used for decoration. A variety of structures where applicable Stone brings together a table for breakfast, bar and working poverhnostPrirodny stone has been used Audun not a thousand years. Set of marble products in ancient sculpture. There are a variety of colors of marble – although the most popular, of course, is white marble. However, marble stone 'cold', and its appropriate to use in large kitchens, fully precious stones do not fit into any interior. This material is difficult to combine with the metal, textiles, and that is not very convenient for the kitchen, – not resistant to acids and mechanical friction and the compressive strength of marble all 1,5-2 times higher than that of wood.

Also, do not use marble countertops, as affected by moisture in the stone may change color. Presence natural stone in the kitchen talking about its wealthy owner, because the presence of marble or granite markedly increases the price (due to the high cost of extraction and processing of material), but these dishes look very noble, royally. Not so long ago there was an alternative to natural marble – an artificial stone. One of the main advantages of this stone – ease of production and processing. In the artificial stone, as opposed to natural, microcracks, and hence no possibility of moisture and microbes in the stone structure. Artificial stone is less durable than natural, and colors is wider than that of natural gas.