South Coast Area

m, water, electricity, water heater, furniture, 30 – 40. M / cafe and a hull number seven sheltered site in the area of 100 square meters. m, and tables for visitors to 50/60 people. The total area is (housing and cafes) – 1114.6 sq ft, and 4570 ha of adjacent areas. The complex held its strong electric line, their carts water and sanitation. The road from the highest road winds around the body, twisting paths down to the beach.

All housings are located on a hill and buried in the green background forest. The beach is 30 – 40 m. The beach is shaped harbor, the water is crystal clear. On the waterfront restaurants and several kafe.Investitsionnye possible investor, has acquired the commercial real estate on the South Coast, has essentially two solutions to the selection. I-e of them – continue to exploit the object is still the intended purpose, having the necessary upgrades. At our chosen example of this modernization may include the construction of a modern four-star hotel, consisting of residential housing on the site of modern buildings number number 5 and 6, and sports and recreation complex with swimming pool on-site building 7.

Approximate area of the hotel housing can make 1500 – 2000 sq.m. Another option – cottage development. The proposed site allows you to arrange a gated development in the three-storey buildings including 5 with a total area of not less 1,500 square meters The existing cafe at that easily convert to office building poselka.Razvitie cottage construction cottage development in the construction of tangible presence of large amounts requests and user-friendly free sites. Obviously, the SCC does not have such opportunities. Hence, the view of the potential investor will inevitably turn to the coastal areas of the steppe Crimea share. Most promising for such purposes, in our opinion, part of the coast towns of Sebastopol and Mezhuyev Saki. Developed infrastructure, the presence of the international airport, a continuous wide strip of sandy beaches make this region very attractive for the construction of housing estates. In this area there are very few institutional bases recreation, which are located on major land acquisition, some in more than 10 hectares, provided a sufficient number of electricity and water. Most of them are now in disrepair, some are not finished. However, for the investor, these objects are most attractive because they make it possible to save time and money in preparing permits, a cart to the site of the necessary communications.