Remedy System

Europe’s leading climbing park designer uses the latest climbing protection technology of internationally renowned manufacturer of climbing park designer leading the latest climbing protection technology of internationally renowned European manufacturers. WERKHOVEN, Netherlands 07.03.2011 – providing of adequate climbing protection measures for visitors is one of the aspects, the operator of commercial climbing facilities not only for technical reasons must continuously keep in mind. An accident caused by the fact that a visitor accidentally clicks out of the fall protection system, is the nightmare of every operator”, explains Kees-Jan Verwaal, the CEO of the Dutch company of active constructions (ACS), which designs for clients all over Europe climbing parks and high rope courses. And this risk is made entirely in plants that use still the traditional climbing platform backup method. ” That’s excellent with the outdoor industry award 2008 Smart belay technology of German company Edelrid creates but Remedy. The principle is, revolutionary”Verwaal explains. It is a system of communicating roles carabiner.

As long as one of the karabiner is open, the other carabiner is blocked as long as until the first snap is back on the rope.”and the fact that the visitors of the climbing park continue to can handle while tackling a given route of climbing carabiners, has a special charm for ideal,” says Verwaal. “In particular, because the customers experience an authentic ‘ climbing the feeling conveyed is.” Another backup system, also based on the principle of communicating carabiner and ACS is offered as part of his designs is the SAFE-LINK system of the southern climbing protection company Bornack. One advantage of both systems is according to Verwaal, that already locally installed security lines systems easily and cost effectively with both the smart belay as also the SAFE-LINK system can be upgraded. But is the decision, which ultimately should be implemented by self-locking systems offered by us on-site completely the respective Contracting Authority”, assured Verwaal. All systems comply with the latest standards, have been extensively tested by independent testing institutes and guarantee the respective operator of the corresponding climbing the maximum safety of its customers.” Active constructions: Active constructions (ACS) is one of the leading manufacturers of climbing parks in Europe and distributor of active forest ECO forest climbing park, as well as active challenge high rope gardens, climbing towers and playgrounds. Active constructions b.v.. Mr. KJ Verwaal Leemkolkweg 10 Werkhoven NL3985 SL Netherlands +31(0)30-7117302