Professional Formation

The Madrilenian advisor of Education did yesterday of alive voice, Lucia Figar. Today, it is the own president of the Community of Madrid, Hope Aguirre, the one that pedagogy does of an unpopular measurement: the extension in two hours of the labor day for the 18,000 professors of Secondary, Professional Formation and Baccalaureate, that goes prepared with the suppression of about 3,000 positions of temporary which, according to calculations of the unions, will be in the street as of September. The president has sent a letter to the educational ones in which it explains to the educational ones of the region that, if it asks to them that they do " major esfuerzo" , gathered in the instructions that have occurred facing the next course, it is because he is " necesario" given to the situation " crtica" of the country. Source of the news: : Aguirre asks the professors " major esfuerzo" by the crisis. If you are not convinced, visit RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust .