That afternoon was fire! fire in canelas! I almost was without my clothes and with some punctures of rifle. The idea was of the Fat person, that one inconsequente. If I knew that I went to enter in a cold, I had never topado to such adventure for the farm of Its Onrio, fominha and the more cruel man of the roundness. It was much heat in that afternoon of summer. I, the Fat person and the Pedroca were seated in the side of the soil road, having scratched out the dust of the street with a piece of graveto, without nothing to make and entediados. There for as much, the Fat person launched ' ' triste' ' idea: ' ' What such people to swim back in the river of the farm of its Onrio? ' ' I, hein, face! You do not know that there she is forbidden? The man is one carrasco of bad! ' ' Pedroca commented.

' ' Ah, and who needs to know? We go for a shortcut that I only know. Later, also he has feet of jabuticaba there that they must be mature and docinhas, docinhas. What they find? Topam? ' ' ' ' Hum He seems tempting! ' ' Pedroca said. ' ' I still find perigoso.' ' I tried to argue. You are welcome it advanced. In few minutes we were there inside of the river that pass for the farm of Its Onrio, crying out made wild, bare, one playing water in the other, the biggest commotion. The heat and the fear had been even so. I arrived to forget that in that place a miser one liveed that it had in its farm a river where was forbidden to swim.

The acknowledgment plate was, threatening there, well ahead of our eyes. This everything, however, did not serve for nothing, therefore we enter thus exactly in those clear waters stops in them refreshing e, later, fulling pandulho of jabuticabas mature. Suddenly, we listen to a racket. THEY WERE SHOTS! Face, was pious running for all the sides. Handle clothes daqui, from there and we leave in gone off! Until the Tobe, the dog of the Fat person, left running with the tail between the legs. Of this time, nor it gave time of looking at stops backwards. I only know that we were to stop in the side of the road, without breath, with the clothes in the hands and Bare! How mico! All good. Today I find very funny everything what it happened, but believe Prank as that one I do not want more Never more!