Many of us have had the opportunity to try to imagine its impact. High frequency currents, ultrasound, ultraviolet light and so on and so forth. Typically, these methods are applied only in conjunction with the "basic" chemical cure – antibiotics vitamins, and many others. However, the Physiotherapy as a method of treatment can be much more effective. The only problem is that the equipment installed in our clinics is intended to serve as helper method that works in conjunction with medication. Today, in an age of Internet and open to all the information we have available devices, able to physiotherapy to a qualitatively new level. One of the such devices is the Life Energy UNIVERSAL, bio-resonance therapy device. Its action is based on the exposure of the body with electromagnetic fields of specific frequencies.

And here is important is fine-tuning the instrument, thanks which the "aimed fire" by the agents of certain diseases, as well as on those or other tissue. Principle of the device based on the known to all of us from school physics course the phenomenon of resonance. Remind ground: when the frequency of natural oscillations of the body with a frequency of a forced oscillation amplitude sharply increases, which may also lead to the destruction of the body. Every organ in our body has its own frequency. More addition, the natural frequency and are pathogens, including all sorts of parasites. Thus, working on micro-electromagnetic field of a strictly defined frequency, we can break the shell their cells, leading to total destruction of all individuals of the species are in our body.