Parts Industry Needs An Overall Breakthrough

Up to now, pumps, valves and hydraulic components (ball mill) needed in small engineering machinery basically rely on import. The foreign corollary parts enterprises should first satisfy the demands from its domestic enterprises. Second, they should also meet the demand of the foreign-funded enterprises in China. At last, the demands from Chinese enterprises should be considered. The restrained affect from this situation on our engineering machinery enterprises is going to become more and more evident.

Among the engineering machinery enterprises this year, it has taken as long as a year and a half for some of them to pay off the money to the foreign enterprises corollary. In order to realize a comprehensive development in small engineering machinery corollary parts including mini excavator, it is important to achieve hydrostatic transmission. At this moment, among the small engineering machinery like compact wheel loaders, backhoe loader, backhoe, skid steer loaders, telescopic handler and small tonnage forklift etc., the hydraulic parts needed by the supporting model of those hydrostatic transmissions mostly depend on import. Internationally, loaders under three tones basically realize hydrostatic transmission in developed countries, while loaders produced in our country at an annual output of hundreds of thousands of units almost still adopt hydraulic transmission. At present, the domestic engineering machinery especially the small ones has a broad market prospect. The market prospects of the small excavator are optimistic, besides, the markets of telescopic handler and Skid Steer Loaders are in the process of being cultivated as well, which are about to have a better development. In view of the whole development and current situation of the engineering machinery in our country specific, the professionals suggest that the mini excavator and other small engineering machinery corollary parts should become the breakthrough to promote the complete development of the corollary parts in our engineering machinery industry. Original link: