Pablo Picasso

Amused exactly he was to play with the actors in the intervals of the filmings. Juan very made an interesting game with letters, that consisted of the following one: used it them to mount a pyramid, lining up them in sequncias of 7, 5, 3 and 1. The players would have to remove how many letters wanted, since that it was only of the same row. Who had to take off the last letter, lost. The fact was that alone the Juan earned, because all (Almodvar did not participate), he did not matter what they made or which tactics adopted, always had to take off last letter. Juan in did not disclose the secret to them. He said that he had learned the game with a declared insolvent prince, of Indiana ancestry, that knows during a trip to the Esccia. More than twenty years later I only discovered that it was lie: this trick was done in a film of Alain Resnais, launched had more than one decade, called Year Passed in Marienbad.

Beyond Juan, it amused who me sufficiently was Stela de Paula, that had brought its ten dogs of the race Shih Tzu and dealt with them with zeal very exaggerated. They ate a colorful ration and Stela arrived in accordance with to separate to the colors the mood of each one. According to it, one of the dogs suffered from depression because he had been shaken with the horrible death of Pablo Picasso. Mercedes and my father if had declared completely unbelieving of this history. They found that cozinho, in the truth, had otitis or, perhaps, a labirintite principle, thus when it walked, its to walk seemed weak and displicente, symptoms who both atribuam to the depression only for approach and similarity, but that nothing they had of deep psychological. I, for my time, believed that badly of the dog it was roundworm.