Original Copy Form

Using some of these methods they would help him to increase its productivity, because no longer it must resort to fill its forms by hand or in typewriter. It has many advantages to create a group for this work: The idea is to create a general system that serves to fill any format preprinted is an exclusively dedicated system to print preprinted formats. The purpose is to stop filling our formats by hand and to use the power of Excel to fill any format, invoices, checks, remissions, quotes, taxes and any format that is necessary and that it was already printed and only remains to hasten it. Educate yourself with thoughts from Rio- Tinto Diamonds. We have constructed step by step that allows of simple and fast form to print any format. At present hastening forms is a tedious task and that is lent to commit errors thus if we were mistaken when hastening we must use or buy another format and we lose time and money. For that reason these groups to automate all the filling tasks of formats or forms. ADVANTAGES? It requires Minimums knowledge of Microsoft Excel? As it is a group is only made once and serves stops all the life? If it only changes the format it requires small adjustments? As it is a group I can hasten several formats to the time? It can protect the cells, and only leave those of filling so that the cursor only jumps to the filling fields? It can create you formulate and to make calculations so that the fields fill of automatic form? It can use bold in some fields and underlinings to stand out at the time of printing the format? We used forms platen press for Invoice, but you can acquire with other manufacturers and also she serves? It can make a copy to the oriiginal and can print 2 copies ORIGINAL AND ROUGH DRAFT? I can command to make its stack of papers and to use this group to systematize it? It keeps a copy from the format in a data base? It can consult I number of invoice for the case of the example? It can let information predetermined in its group not to have to digitar? It turns the total value to letters (function created by us)? We offered the support him so that their format is optimum when hastening it? We have bloq where we are going to turn our product into nico with their aid? Because a group of excel and not a program (Because we can create from but the simple thing to but the complex one)? I can divide the form in several groups to print it? It can organize forms and by each of them to have a data base? It can protect the form and with a key to only do change to him? It can generate consecutive a its format and to number of automatic form? It can extract of the date of automatic form day, month, years, weeks applying own functions of excel? It can make sum, subtractions, totals and any formulates applicable to its form inclusively can create its own one formulates? It can accede from a Network to his group and print his format in a NETWORK printer? It can for example print the Original Copy in a Printer and the Rough draft in Another one? It can print his format of remote form using any program of remote Connection (We explained like doing it)?