As you’ll already have obesity is a chronic disease regarded as a complex multifactorial that develops due to the interaction of genotype and its environment. The reasons for which gives rise to this disease, are not yet defined, since it is obvious that the problem has its roots in several factors social, cultural, physiological, behaviors, genetic or metabolic. Obesity is a problem of imbalance of nutrients that gives rise to a large food storage in the form of fat, in place of those who are required to meet the needs of the individual. In this way, a comparison of thin people, obese people ingest more energy with the food consumed. When someone begins to lose weight, fat cells from your body, diminish in size, but remain constant in quantity and for this reason it is extremely difficult to permanently lose excess weight. For this type of cases, is recommended therefore resort to some kind of surgery gastric make the patient to attain your ideal weight. The gastric band, gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, are some of the most popular procedures today. A. Verastegui hold.