It also did not speak for us? Mr. ouviu.’ ‘ Numbers 12:2 ‘ ‘ E, being for divine revelation informed in dreams so that they did not come back stops next to Herodes, had broken for its land for another one caminho.’ ‘ Mateus 2:12 They had been informed = cautious, informed, prevented Dream = turn the situation, with the same fullness that God sees, not to come back to have badness in the heart. They had left for its land = had been for what God it gave to them. They had been for another way = road, long extension, track, shortcut, saw. Gods open the agreement of whom if It consecrates, making them cautious, informed, therefore God informs before the things happen through the Word, through diverse signals and events, not to come back more to the way of the badness of our heart, thus we goes route to everything what God has for we, since the creation! We go, but only that we follow for another way, that is, separating well the evidences, understanding well what he is God and what It is not, never was and it will never be. God informs the events for that if they approach to it, but warns so that badly let us not have some in our hearts so that let us can inherit the perpetual life. God wants that people go for the long way to discern, that is, separating and appreciating the way of God! ‘ ‘ Because thus you of the Armies says, the God of Israel: Not they deceive you your prophets who are in the way of you, nor your adivinhos, nor you give heard to your dreams, that you dream; Because falsely augur they you in my name; I did not send, says them you.