Novice Woodcarver

From the cradle to the end of life people live in communion with the tree. It gives the breath, warmth, food, caressing eyes. Trees, like people, live and die. Man finds immortality in his work, wood – in the works of human hands. The development of civilization in Russia is directly connected with the tree. Pagan idols, the Christian churches, huts with intricate carvings and sumptuous decoration of palaces, all of this tree. On tues, Laptev, utensils – to original works of art – hours with wooden instruments – all our ancestors created from wood.

As already mentioned, the trees live and die and, therefore, have their own anatomy, structure of the organism. Master of art of wood carving are needed knowledge about the structure of wood, its physical and mechanical properties that must be considered in the manufacture of products. Part of the tree tree is divided into three parts: root, stem and crown. In the arts and crafts and visual arts are used in virtually all parts of the tree (, floral, etc.). Carvers use the main trunk, ie, wood. The structure of the wood structure of the trunk has a rather complicated structure that we observe in the longitudinal and transverse sections.

The bark is composed of two layers: the outer – and inner pith, which is called bast. Outside is a crust that protects the wood from the outside impacts. Cambium is located between the bast and wood – it's tender and juicy layer that provides tree growth by cell division, part of which remains in the cambial layer, and another part goes to the construction of bark and wood.