Michael Despeghel Motivated

Excellence in the profession advance and permanently put health, physical fitness and mental strength. Looking for performance “, fit for business” so read the topics by Dr. Dr. Michael Despeghel, the top-notch speaker inspires his audience and his spell over. Currently, the keynote speaker is once again particularly in demand, because he gives fast effective strategies for success in the best Infotainment style as everyone in top physical and mental shape can bring. Motivation to top performance even at a time when the burden for managers and employees are steadily rise, this is immensely important.

Because health is the prerequisite to usual high level work with age more and more. Despeghel promises more fitness and better health, more power hence each of its participants. In terms of content, the eloquent speaker in addition to medical and sports science knowledge considered also psychological and neuroscientific expertise. Best Infotainment high acceptance, the Dr Despeghel with his audience enjoys, also therefore, he challenged anyone with his recommendations. On the contrary, his instructions are entertaining and are suitable also for people with little time and fitness ring. His lectures are suitable both to employee motivation and internal corporate events and customer events. In addition to the lecture also move can “sequences are booked.

Dr. Despeghel on The Move-On exercises stimulate the audience and enable it to apply them again and again in everyday life. The Fitness guru Dr. Dr. Michael Despeghel knows how to draw participants and listeners into his spell. Not preaching, he argues. Science-based, in clear language, easily comprehensible. The orator of extraordinaire inspired by emotional speeches, he speaks to hearts and minds. The eloquent specialist for healthy living and lifestyle changes graphically represents complex content. In lectures and seminars have now about 250,000 people from the concrete benefits of his recommendations and concepts, how they can change their lifestyle, convinced. Dr. Dr. Despeghel is a sought-after expert in the media. “” “” The bestselling books so far the “Superfit” Anti aging”, fitness for lazy bags, bold way for lazy bags”, ran to the stomach “, removing the inner pig dog” as well as DVDs with exercises, instructions and checklists. Contact & information Despeghel & partner health consulting & coaching Office Erftstadt Frenzenstrasse 6 50374 Erftstadt phone: 02235 95 21 50 fax: 02235 95 21 52