Mexico City

He packed the venue known as the iron of Merida, capital of Yucatan. He played together with his musicians the Nothing else matters by Metallica. He jumped to the stage passes 21.30 hours and the concert lasted two hours. Colombian singer Shakira loved this Saturday with his music to 150,000 people who went to see perform in Merida, Southeast Mexico, at a concert in which paid particular tribute to the American band Metallica to interpret Nothing else matters. The artist of Barranquilla packed the venue known as the iron of the capital of Yucatan, where he lived a night of success and dedication to an audience that hailed it for nearly two hours. Accompanied by her boyfriend, footballer of the F.C. Barcelona Gerard Pique, South American pop rock star arrived in Merida on Saturday afternoon, jumped to the stage passes 21.30 hours and greeted the crowd with a Goodnight Merida.

Tonight is yours!. He then played a wide range of topics such as feet Barefoot, Te dejo Madrid, Hips don t lie, torture, Loba and before six, among other topics. The concert ended after two hours with the famous Waka waka, which popularized during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The original touch of the night Shakira put it to play along with their musicians Nothing else matters, one of the great successes of the heavy American metal band. The usual dance of hips of the Colombian, who this time played alongside several young Mexican women could again see. Comprehensive device security the evening passed without incident despite threats to boycott a group of inhabitants of the city was unhappy with the lack of transparency with which the Ayuntamiento de Merida organized and ran the show, one of the busiest in recent years. The performance was monitored by a comprehensive device security involving federal forces, the Government of Yucatan, and the city.

In the hours before the concert the mood that is He breathed in the city was of absolute tranquility. At the concert were invited some players of the u-17 football, which six days ago was proclaimed champion of the world in Mexico City Mexican selection. Great figures to promote Merida Yucatan has been the scene in recent years of several massive concerts organized by the State Government to promote tourism, with figures of international renown such as Placido Domingo, and Elton John with the Mayan pyramids of Chichen Itza as a backdrop. Shakira, who had offered last night another action in Cancun, in the neighbouring State of Quintana Roo, will give a total of seven concerts more in various Mexican scenarios until July 31. An event crowd as of the dimensions of this night not held in Merida from the Pope Juan Paul II visit to this city on August 11, 1993, when he officiated a mass for tens of thousands of faithful. Source of the news: Shakira dazzles in a free concert to 150,000 Mexicans and pays a tribute to Metallica