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Planning – One of the main functions of management. Jeffrey Hayzlett helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Corporate and business plan the company directs its activities. The marketing plan – just one part of the corporate plan, so the planning process should implemented as part of a master plan and budgeting process. As a result of significant changes in the economic environment in 1970-1980's. the focus has shifted from the companies' management of long-term Planning for implementation of action plans, implementation of which can get results within a short period of time and based on that improved long-term strategic plans. New 'strategic' planning requires that management responds promptly to incoming information and uses it. This approach has been adopted and marketing professionals.

To prepare the corporate plan company shall establish goals, to audit and prepare separate plans for each functional area of the company. All of them (including a marketing plan) should be agreed and coordinated into a single corporate plan. The purpose of marketing is to convince the buyer to purchase goods company, but this – one aspect of marketing. Marketing requires that the firm has identified the needs of customers and has achieved compliance with the goods and services, which enables the company to profit. This requires an understanding of: * The ability of the company, customers' needs * * marketing environment in which the firm operates.

Opportunities the company can be managed, controlling the four main elements of the operations of the company (or marketing-mix) * traded goods (Goods) * pricing policy (price) * methods of product promotion (Promotion) * methods of distribution (place). Marketing planning means the analysis of marketing resources to achieve its objectives. It requires market segmentation, determination of market position, market size forecast and planning of a viable market share within each market segment. Basic marketing principles are equally applicable to different industries (consumer and capital goods and services). Marketing Plan – a document which formulated a marketing plan of goods and / or services. General marketing plan consists of the marketing plans of some goods or shopping areas. Marketing plan the company sets goals and provides marketing strategies to achieve them is printed on site materials