Marital Compatibility

Men with small and weak little finger for a long time may be infantile and does not seek to create a family. Pad of the thumb, so-called mound of Venus stands in palmistry at the same time feeling and instinct of man. It is the joy and warmth of life, sensuality and vitality, the level of sexual needs. Too high a degree of severity in the palm of your partner testifies very high emotional demands of life, which find expression in an excessive passion and sensuality, as well as excessive greed, as the passion of possession: If the mound of Venus have ironed some rot, then sensual pleasure for that person will be limited, and he will always seek to metered spend their feelings: The sexual compatibility point equal in height, hardness and color of the hills of Venus. Harmony romantic relationships also depends on the balance on hand of two hills: Venus and the Moon.

Developed hill Moon gives a person the gift of compassion, empathy, the ability to intuitively understand each other. It is located at the bottom of the palm directly opposite the hill of Venus. If the hill Moon corresponds in all respects the hill of Venus, the person can be equally passionate show their feelings and make love the other: If the arm of your favorite hill Moon more pronounced compared to the hill of Venus, the most of your desires, feelings will be clear to him almost without words: If a person listens to romantic relationships in the first place itself, it is safe to say that the hill of Venus at its Palm prevails over the hill Moon: The union of two people – this is a coincidence or mismatch individualnos-children. All that we can with the knowledge of palmistry reading on the hands, can not be regarded as fact, this is just the makings and trends in the development of personality, based on which you can consciously build relationships with your loved one or to correct errors in the relations that already exist. Use knowledge of palmistry in everyday life greatly facilitates the understanding of actions and the psychological reactions of your loved one. Very soft hands his wife with a large hollow in the center and many small lines on them to tell her husband that the frequent changes in its sentiments are not the whims and is the essence of her nature, requiring a careful attitude to yourself.

Do you have a husband forces to cope with his temper and irritability, the wife can understand, looking at the nail phalanx of his thumb. If it is substantially greater than the second phalanx, then it really hard to hold back: Regardless of gender owner hands with a large gap between the ring finger and little finger will most often be try to avoid talking heart to heart. It belongs to the category of people who guard their inner space. But he will always be polite and correct: The listed characteristics hands, figuratively speaking, belong to surface, they can be compared without being palmistry. But they do not exhaust the whole arsenal of means of palmistry, which can be used to analyze the compatibility of partners. There are more important indicators, which should review and interpret specialist. Professional task palmist is to combine the psychological characteristics of two persons, and draw up a comprehensive picture of their relationship.