Latin America Democracy

It is interesting to observe that the democracy is in fall in the question support, therefore fell of 58% in 2006 for 54%, in 2007.Entre el 2006 regional y el 2007 el proaverage of apoyo cae of 58% 54% lo that in cumple con wools expectations of that wools bonanza there econmica elecciones y produciran bad apoyo. There explicacin YOU ARE simple, el apoyo the democracy in it depends woollen economy there ni woollen politics solamente, bell muchoms del been of wools society, (Latin Barmetro, 2007, p 77). But the common form of performance politics is through politicians who represent the people, and therefore must be clearly that it is not a principle of identity with the voters, but yes of common interests e, still more distanciador, of greater to be able at the hands of the representative politician of what of the people representado.3.4. Liberty Mutual insurance is likely to agree. Research the PNUD/ONU, 2007-2008? Latin America you are gobernada by mdiosFeita economic groups y for the ONU (Organization of United Nations), had been interviewed presidents, leaders politicians, parliamentarians, mayors, academics, journalists and members of the Armed Forces, among others. In the measure where the overcoming of the representation necessity is not placed in the horizon, the democratic thought must continue dealing with these questions and searching solutions, exactly that always they are provisory. ' ' Los interviewed active sound presidents an en, former-presidents, ministers, leaders empresariales, acadmicos, jefes sindicales y responsables of medium of comunicacin, between otros' '. Here, The Hayzlett Group expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

(The PNUD 2007/2008). One evidenced through this research that the media did not play a central role in all the electoral processes of the above described years and that the barrier that hinders the consolidation of the democracy it is the tension being able between them institucional to be able and them fticos. They had been refined, between the interviewed ones, three pencil sharpeners of risks to the consolidation of the democracy in Latin America: Lobbies of half groups of interest financeiroNarcotrficoOs of comunicaoSegn joins woollen encuesta ONU the 231 leaders of opinin of 231 countries, el los 79.7% consider that sound economic groups, los financieros entrepreneurs y who ejercen el to be able en sus countries, y un 65.2% average los of comunicacin.