Last Dollars

As long as it flies from you, you are comfortable, but as soon as she returns to you, you are more and more dumb J, farther – emptying to stop Lozano and debriefing, and pan, by the way, already flies from you again … How many points can make a mistake novice working (making a decision about the input-output) in one frame – for example, H1? At 100 can? Of course. Ok, so a 200 can it? Duc ceremony. A 400-can? Well, If quite new, it may by 400. Ca. Currently, a wide Flete on euro H1 just 400-500 points in diameter.

A beginner may need to try to work with averaging? For a variety of … Example: it $ 1000, he entered into any toward the minimum lot – Margin to 50 dollars, the cost of the item $ 1 (mikroreal – margin trading – all as on the exchange) … just calculate that if they wanted because he simply will not be able to drain through, but when Price unfold in his side – as there is volatility on any instrument, it is quite, work out, of course, the demo will be able to consistently make money in this case it would be almost no matter what direction it guessing or wrong at the first entrance (the main advantages – calm in any case), or rather, this information will not be for him just as stressful for the majority of market participants. It's an observation rookie and he understands that the market in any case be rolled back, then it is possible to average in his will in any case. This technique also has the advantage that the trader is sufficient to consider a working frame (with rare exceptions, when a strong trend), for example H1. To which he calmly inflicts significant levels of volume – the last day, week, month, contract … and … and everything, actually – at least as significant information, at least stress and maximum results.

A similar scheme was introduced me to the euro to the SP 500 – sverhvolatilnogo exchange tool and the first month of testing mikroreale brought an increase in the deposit of euro 400 dollars on start to 1950 dollars at the end of the month. And in the second month of me (my account) already explicitly "accompanied by" Admin of DC – perhaps they, too, such a long time since not been seen in real life. No need to reinvent the wheel – just sometimes you need remind ourselves that it exists. Profit in 2006