Kurt Lewin

After given collected with one to look at critic, in order to prevent confused information that come to harm the research, a conceptual picture was constructed oportunizando the visualization of what the diverse authors say on Ambient Psychology, distinguishing differences and similarities on its definition and object from study. A LITTLE OF HISTORY OF AMBIENT PSYCHOLOGY Ecological Psychology or Ambient Psychology? Roger Garlock Barker, pupil, collaborator and assistant of research of Kurt Lewin, developed Ecological Psychology, after to perceive that it had something beyond the model of vital space of Lewin? where the environment is accepted as subjective field. Interested in searching on the organization of the public events of the daily life, Barker and its collaborators children in its natural conditions had observed, concluding that the actions were influenced by the contexts, that is, the behavior were different in each context, calling behavior setting. Therefore, the term Ecological Psychology in countries of germanic language if relates currently, to the barkeriano model with its advances, and the same that in the countries of German language, the correspondent Anglo-American Ambient Psychology (SHEEP and BIND, 1997; PINE, 1997). In 1943, it was the first time that the termination Ambient Psychology was used, for Egon Brunswik, psychologist and PhD for the University of Vienna, that carried through empirical research on perception, and also brought its probabilist boarding to tolerate the problems of the interpersonal perception, reasoning, learning and clinical psychology; it imported itself with studies in the area of psychology on representation of design (ALVES and BASSANI, 2008). Being responsible it also for the concept of ecological validation, that is, a problem alone is valid to be searched will have significance in the daily life of the studied individuals (GNTHER, PINE and GUZZO, 2004). In the decade of 70 of the passed century, research appears on relations between human beings, physical environment and ambient problems, but not yet they considered the mutual influence between person and environment, is when Ambient Psychology gains the character of disciplines. .