Ignatius Rilley Barcelona

Pablo Tusset was born in Barcelona in 1965. With this novel won the Tigre Juan Prize for the year 2001, becoming one of the great successes of the Decade sales. The best thing that can happen to a croissant is that they spread with butter as well begin the adventures of Pablo Miralles, a kind, sui generis, Ignatius Rilley Barcelona but most abhorrent because it is more intelligent. When we started reading, surprising language casual and refreshing, a genuine relief to the reader in the meantime godlike strait-jacket which abounds in particular literature of prestige. The self-assurance in the narrative does not prevent a perfect structure of the plot, where the characters form the gear that operates the intrigue, maintained until the last chapter.

Narrated in the first person, is interspersed with events, in which they appear and intervening the various characters that keep us alert without leaving wane the reader’s attention. We often have to drop suddenly, at the very least, a smile, by the ingenious blows of humor that the author goes by releasing throughout the action. Glad to have read this book. No doubt I recommend it. Safe Creative #0912035058096 original author and source of the article