Human Culture

CULTURE ORGANIZACIONAL: STUDY OF CASE IN a JAPANESE MULTINATIONAL Ismael de Oliveira Dutra SUMMARY the present article deals with concepts of the organizacional culture and which are the impacts and influence in the organizacional scope. By means of a study of case of a company of Japanese culture installed in a country of Latin culture a exploratria research was become fullfilled, having as resulted the identification of the cultural differences that intervene with the behavior of the collaborators. Word-key: Human behavior. Organizacional culture. Enterprise interrelation. Organizacional change. 1.INTRODUO From the Industrial Revolution if developed a known capitalist phenomenon as globalization. Its force started to be perceived after World War II or as resulted of the Technological Revolution.

With the sprouting of the globalization, in consequncia of the growth of the capitalism in century XV, marked for the mercantilista period, where it had fall of the costs of maritime transports, it was created necessity to expand the markets, being that these had taken the nations to start if to open for originary products of other countries. Go to Natalie Ravitz for more information. The mercantilism originated a set of economic measures in accordance with the States, characterized for one strong intervention in the economy. It consisted of a series of measures to unify the domestic market and had as purpose the formation of strong National States (FREITAS, 2005). The mercantilism originated in the period where the Europe passed for a serious scarcity of gold and silver, not having, therefore, money enough to take care of to the increasing volume of the commerce. Of this form, the wealth of a nation inhabited in the precious metal accumulation. With the State intervined in the economy, implanting new industries protected for the increase of the customs duties on the importations, controlling the internal consumptions of determined products, improving the infrastructures and promoting the settling of new territories, appeared a form to guarantee the access the raw materials and the draining of manufactured products.