How To Order Kitchen Furniture

In the first stage before you order the kitchen, you should define the budget that you have allotted to the kitchen. How much money can you spend? In the second stage before so as to come to our office and make design project of their products you need to make an independent crude measurement of the room. Assistance is provided to you in a plan to help recover from this situation. In the third stage is a transfer of information in hands of our professional designers to help you organize workspace kitchen space, taking into account all your wishes and offer the best option lay in 3-D design. In the first all pay attention to the color range of kitchen units, of this element depends on the visibility of space, style, mood and appetite. Choosing the right palette provides you with comfort, warmth and well- designed configuration – comfort for years to come. Kitchens can be divided into 5 types: single-row-row angular Peninsular Insular In the fourth stage of work with us when you have decided on configuration, components, materials and color composition you sign a contract with us, and after a deposit payment your order goes to work. What does this mean? At your request is made to exit the wizard froze to adjusting the dimensions of kitchen units, more on the order technology works and after all of this is a production cycle of rebuilding your product.