Housing Debate

Housing disputes in Moscow – are complex legal cases involving that attorney or lawyer in housing disputes is necessary. Protection of housing rights violated by the court of general jurisdiction in accordance with jurisdiction over cases established by the Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation. According to Clause 1 Part 1, Art. 22 GCA Russian courts of general jurisdiction hear and determine cases involving individuals, organizations, government bodies, local authorities on protection of the violated or disputed rights disputes arising from legal housing. Court cases on housing disputes in Moscow considered by the courts of Moscow on the basis of claims for housing disputes in Moscow stakeholders, as well as by the prosecutor or at the request of the persons mentioned in Art. 46 CCP RF.

Such persons are public authorities, local governments, organizations or citizens who are entitled to apply to the court of Moscow with a statement in defense of the rights, freedoms and lawful interests of other persons upon request. District Court of Moscow considered and resolved in the first instance pursuant to the provisions of Art. 23 and 24 Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation in housing disputes Moscow, on the following issues: – recognition of the right to housing and the eviction of the premises, termination of right to use the residential premises of the former member of the family of the owner of the premises – saving the right to use the living room of a former member of the family of the owner of the premises – the removal of premises from the owner through foreclosure in connection with the seizure of land for state or municipal needs – providing the dwelling under a contract of social renting – invalidation of the decision to grant a premises for social rent contract and a signed contract on this basis – forced change in living arrangements and the recognition of the exchange accommodation as invalid – other similar housing disputes in Moscow.