Happy Birthday Ermitage

September 2, 2008 Mini-Hotel Ermitage, located on Million street, has celebrated his fourth birthday! Ermitage gathered to congratulate the close friends and guests staying at this joyous day in the walls of your favorite hotel. Guests were offered entertainment and lotteries. Millionth street has always occupied a special place among the central streets of St. Petersburg. Visit Jeffrey Hayzlett for more clarity on the issue. She appeared much earlier than Nevsky Prospect, just a few years after the founding of the city. In 1720 a million have already built up with stone houses, which settled Russian aristocrats who wanted to be closer to the royal palace. Today, in memory of those old-time hotel Ermitage stores traditions of Russian hospitality.

Here you will feel comfortable, as if under the protection of the Imperial Guard, cozy, if you're still a guest of the millionaire. During 4 years of its existence, Ermitage Hotel for many visitors was not just a hotel – a place of temporary stay – a real home, as evidenced by entries in the guestbook hotel. Comfortable and friendly atmosphere the hotel mini-evaluated not only ordinary tourists, travelers, and show business stars, politicians and diplomats, representatives of big brand companies. The hotel had received numerous awards and honors, and in 2007 Ermitage Hotel was awarded the title "Best Mini-hotel". Congratulations again Ermitage Hotel Happy Birthday!