Global Heating

At the present moment we pass for a world-wide crisis in relation to the environment (global heating) in which some people affirm that the sugar cane-of-sugar contributes in the process of pollution of the environment. Thus this study it has objective to clarify some rumors in relation to the sugar cane-of-sugar and the sucroalcooleiro sector that if finds in process of expansion in Brazil. Already it is commented in all the cantos that the foods pass for a crisis and that the plantation (expansion) of sugar cane is being guilty for this fact. Everything this is only one rumor, therefore ' ' in the world about 10 million hectares they are destined to the production of biocombustveis (fact of sugar cane, maize, etc.) while the area destined for agriculture is of 1,2 billion hectares' ' (GOLDEMBERG, 2007). What it happens at the moment is a disequilibrium between demand and offers of foods that the explosive growth of the income occurs due to per catches of the consumers of emergent countries. Another rumor sufficiently commented is on the relation of sugar cane-of-sugar (production of sugar and alcohol) with the global heating (the Co2 emission). The carbon emitted for the sugar cane alcohol burning is the same carbon absorbed for the leaf of the plant some months behind and transformed into sacarose (BUCKRIDGE, s.d.), in this absorption also it includes Co2 emitted in the burning of canaviais.

One perceives then that in the burning of canaviais and alcohol an amount x of Co2 in the atmosphere is emitted and this amount x practically is reabsorvida by its leves. Valley to stand out that inside of little time one expects not to have burnt more in the sucroalcooleiro sector, due to law n. 10.547, of 2/5/2000 (Law of the Forest fires) and the modernization of the plants. Also rumor is considered the falling of trees of forests for sugar cane-of-sugar plantation. The sugar cane-of-sugar (although always to be perfecting its varieties) it needs a climate and adequate type of ground its necessities, and the sucroalcooleiro sector are in favor of creation of areas for preservation ' ' accurately not to accuse the sugar cane to deforest florestas' ' (JANK, 2008.). In the state of So Paulo. For example, the sugar cane alone occupied today until space of pastures that were not useful more for ox creation. Sectors that the sugar cane involves affect some sectors of the economy and this makes with that rumors appear to try to confuse the development of the same one.

The sugar cane (sucroalcooleiro sector) looks for to adjust to the maximum the requirements for lesser pollution and degradation of the environment, therefore the main item for a good quality of sugar cane is one ground well well-taken care of and well defined stations, therefore it is almost nonsense to say that the ones that more need a well well-taken care of environment destroy it without reason some. References: GOLDEMBERG, J.Jos Goldenberg destroys attack to etanol of cana.2008.Disponvel in: to ucar. Access in 29 mai 09. BUCKERIDGE, M.Sequestro of carbon, sugar cane-of-sugar and the cinderela.ComCincia.s.d.Disponvel effect in: o=23& jd=258. Access in 30 mai 09. POWER.H much myth on the sugar cane-of-sugar, says president of the nica.2008. Available in: in 30 mai 09.