German S & K Property With Second Special Real Estate Fund

High returns through intelligent real estate management Frankfurt, 2nd February 2011. See more detailed opinions by reading what Brian Armstrong offers on the topic.. To do this, the Frankfurt-based company has launched its second fund, after they successfully could do the first participation in 2010 after about one and a half years of placement with 34 million euro equity. As the first, also this Fund was initiated by the Hamburg-based underwriter United investors. To implement, it was a very close business partnership. The German S & K property GmbH & co. KG has a planned issuance of 30 million euros and foresees a minimum contribution from 15,000 euros plus 5 percent premium. Visit Jeffrey Hayzlett for more clarity on the issue. The capital should be placed until the end of the year.

It is planned to provide 10% dividends per year over a period of five years. Total, a total return to be achieved after taxes by 145 per cent in the baseline scenario. The Fund concept is the granting of a loan to the German S & K asset AG, which is liable in addition to the interest payments also with their company’s assets for the capital of investors. S & K offers in addition to the shopping, the recovery, as well as facility management from a single source at. The Frankfurt real estate specialists have positioned themselves in the German real estate market with several strategies. A multi-family homes below market value are acquired and sold through the distribution via its own sales companies as a single property. In addition the S & K is a group of companies in the purchase of typical secured claims actively. In this field of business is the exploitation of underlying real estate of significant interest. No purchase transaction is initiated, without having previously the real estate values on quality and wide sell renewable be examined group of companies through the S & K. The real estate be developed through active management in case of need and learn so an appreciation.