Demi Moore

The photography, realised in the bath its house, shows the undressed back of the actress while this taking the snapshot. The image has taken praises and some critic. Demi Moore has returned to make use of its favorite social network, Twitter, to publish a photo in which she appears naked of waist for above. The image shows the actress of backs being reflected in a mirror and pressing she herself the camera of photos that captures the snapshot, reason why the unique thing that can be seen of its figure is the spine and the shoulders. Perhaps to justify the fact to hang a photo of this type in Internet, the interpreter it accompanies the image with an enigmatic foot by photo, " Remember you' your sees got own back" (" It remembers. you have your own espalda"). It is not the first time that publicita Moore its more intimate moments in Twitter. In their public album of photos great glasses can be contemplated to their afternoons in front of the computer shining of grazes black; or with its husband, Ashton Kutcher, another crazy person of the social networks; or leading by a highway, or sleeping, or passing it in great with friendly Also watching themselves in biquini to a mirror and exhibiting its long melena and its excellent physical form.

The last snapshot has generated, by all means, flatteries on the part of its followers: " Nice" (" Bonito"), several write. " Looking great" (" Genial&quot is seen;) or " One you do not compare to you" (" Nobody can compare with you " , they are others of the messages that dedicate to him. But also there are detractors: " I do not pillage To what esto&quot comes; , the user writes to smcastner while another fault to the sculptural Demi of " too much raqutica". Source of the news: Demi Moore publishes in Twitter a photo hers naked one