Dangerous Adventure

All of us as human beings we react differently to situations different in our lives. And sometimes we ask ourselves are why he or she does not react as I faced this situation? Then we are still interrogating is coming from this other person right or wrong? In my adolescence I lived with my mom and my brothers in the District of Rimac, Lima Metropolitana, at a store House that my mother had rented to be able to go ahead, since my father had died to soon. Click RioCan to learn more. The store was throughout a corner. Leaving the store and right hand remained a few four story building (do not remember well) owned by Mr Andres Legarda (which peacefully rests) in which he and his family lived on the first floor, and the rest had it rented to different families. The building showed its facade, with the front door of the home of the owner on the first floor, and at the side entrance to one fifth that gave access to the apartments on the ground floor, and in the interior of the fifth a ladder that He was driving to the following floors. On the fourth floor lived in one of these departments very small – one of my first friends who shared with me the same fondness for playing music. This teen like me and name Siler, lived with his mother, father, a sister of nearly the same age and one younger brother of about six years. In the same building, on the roof lived in an apartment made of wood another young man who was also fond of playing music with his guitar, and he knew it as the cholo Andrew. The roof was our rehearsal place. The cholo Andrew was the only one who had guitar, then us the prestabamos awhile each one on the roof, pry melodies to it.