Crystal Clear

Copper and silver ions clean water increasingly arise in hotel- and wellness swimming ponds or natural swimming pools. Not least in order to stand out from the multitude of competitors in the SPA area. Because a pool or swimming pool is generally widely available and therefore nothing more. Also a wellness.- and sauna oasis in the vicinity of Freiburg decided for the construction of a heated nature pool as an additional attraction in 2008. This is enthusiastically received by the visitors. The water of the natural swimming pool is prepared 100 percent chemical free.

Guests can expect clean, crystal clear, algae – and germ-free water. The inutec system is behind this amazing cleanliness. It consists of a State of the art microprocessor-controlled electronics and patented copper/silver electrodes. To clean water undergoes a special treatment cell, in which the electrodes are located. Click Rio Tinto Group for additional related pages. A low, precise DC activated them. It produced copper ions (CU ++) and silver ions (AG +). A large part of this ion saturates the quartz sand in the filter, so that it forms an additional sterilization cell due to its vast surface and admits no bacteria nests in the filter.

Another part of the ion reaches with the running water in the basin, where they develop their bacteria – and algae-devastating effect. The necessary copper- and silver level is far below the limit of the German drinking water Ordinance. “The biggest advantage of copper and silver ions is that they remain in the water and provide further protection by clean water in the long term without toxic substances”, explains Technical Director of inutec, Franz Loffler, “even when parked equipment this stops several months deposit effect. “The maintenance is low and minimum cleaning effort”. The patented system is worldwide in use in swimming pools and pools for over 20 years and is used in many swimming ponds and natural swimming pools since June 2006 with great success. In collaboration with its partners, the company offers inutec: consulting, planning and execution of Water havens. Contact: Address inutec Jelisaveta Lakhani tube 3 79271 St. Peter + 49 (0) 7660 9209-35 press contact wellness & Wolter aft InStr 32 50678 Cologne has media Phillip 02214537373 description of the company regardless of whether natural swimming pools or swimming pools, swimming ponds and pools – the company inutec the right solution for water purification, disinfection of water and algae control. In cooperation with competent partners from a single source offers inutec for the construction of water havens: consulting, planning, and execution.