CreditServices, first financial franchise network, following its policy of corporate social responsibility has begun to sponsor looks shared (, an association non-profit to generate projects that help improve the quality of life of people on disability and associated disorders. Shared glances was created in 2008 by a group of young professionals who have joined their experience to generate actions aimed at improving the quality of life of people with some kind of disability and associated disorders. For the integration of these people, this Association has created the Academy. This is a concept applicable to any leisure activity to persons in a State of disability in any area of development, which is directed and supervised by top professionals, who have no relationship to the world of disability, and that has a continuity in time. There are three academies: Academy of sports: project that aims to integrate into society for people with intellectual disabilities to through football. This project is carried out by the hand of the Real Madrid Foundation. Academy of talents: project that aims to integrate people with intellectual disabilities through artistic disciplines (dance, drama and singing).

Carried out throughout 2009, thanks to the official sponsorship of Fundacion MAPFRE, which attended by 200 people. Radio Academy: program leisure-labor insertion radio which involved 10 persons with intellectual disabilities. The managers is a magazine that has different sections and various guests of first level (entrepreneurs, artists and sportsmen). Looks shared it generates different integration projects, on the basis of these, boost 10 adaptive skills that all persons possess. We believe strongly in building avant-garde projects between people in State of disability in the hands of professionals within the theme of the project, explains Javier Lopez, President of CreditServices and participant in the social project. CreditServices is a company private formed by economists, lawyers and expert financial analysts, with more than one decade of experience in the banking and business consulting to different corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises and private individuals. It is a member joined the National Association of financial institutions credit, and your goal is to find the solution to any financing or refinancing for businesses and individuals. Establish a franchise does not require local in an initial phase.

The necessary investment include a canon from 6,000 euros (analyzing areas of exclusivity), and royalties of 5% of turnover (minimum 300 euros the first months). In a second phase the room must have 50 m2 to street, and the total investment, which recovers in 14 months, is around 12,000 euros. The Ensign also selected international franchise Master from 100 thousand euros of investment.