Nowadays agriculture is definitely in need of an impressive volume of investment funds that can provide its technical re-equipment, the improvement of logistical base foundations, construction of residential complexes in the village. Directly to the latter holds, in principle, both through the construction of completely new industrial buildings, just as well at the expense of repairing the existing ones. The list restoration of buildings, facilities include a complex construction as well as organizational and technical activities related to the modification of regulatory requirements as well as various indicators (the number or area room dwellings, construction of a total area of the house), an increase in the volume of services, estimated cost, capacity adjustments and adjustments to the destination at the same time and location of buildings and structures. When reconstruction of the company by restructuring or increasing the area of shops and facilities basic, and in addition to other service areas, infrastructure, changing the type of businesses, shops and of course adjustment of the standard documentation. Here, Jeffrey Hayzlett expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In turn, one of the types of reconstruction carried out in the existing dimensions of the facilities, utilities and components, and possibly of reduced key indicators to mind the current requirements, an upgrade. Modernization of equipment – the account is an improvement operating equipment by adding to estimate changes to improve their technical level and economic characteristics. The cost of modification (upgrade), the major funds should be treated to increase their prices. Performing any construction work is allowed only in the presence of design and construction documents, drawings.