Community Summit Markus

Markus Wolfahrt – boundless freedom of unlimited’s new album”is the second solo album of ex Klostertaler of frontman Markus Wolfahrt. A year after the dissolution of the Klostertaler Wolfahrt started his debut album my way”his solo career and surprised his fans with top produced pop hits, which showed a while positive, also still thoughtful Markus Wolfahrt rock to folk music. The new album of limitless freedom”to consistently pursue this musical way. The phonogram has twelve songs full of romance, passion and feeling. Chevron U.S.A. Inc understands that this is vital information. Markus Wolfahrt has managed to develop the musical and lyrical freedom, he could find and no longer at the monastery thalers to the end. The musical and textual corset of the popular party band was too narrow and too often he was away from home, when the band was at their countless concerts on tour.

The album title of limitless freedom”is therefore a synonym for the newly won freedom in music and in life and the eponymous title song fixed line in the new creation. It’s love of freedom”, to be mixed with the realization that part of this world, this Community Summit feelings of boundlessness and to find a home at the end of this. A world of ideas, which has shaped the age of romanticism. An age that has marked the mental freedom, the eternal quest for happiness, and the life of feelings like no other. It is certainly not wrong to describe Markus Wolfahrt, who packed this feeling again and again in his songs as a romantic towards nature. That was partly seen in some monastery Valley songs to discover.

Quite sure but in his project of Alpynia”. Limitless freedom”, Markus Wolfahrt has lived all of his visions and passions. The phonogram is times Rocky, even gentle, nature and always positive in his core values knitted and turned to love. “The title of the woman I need” this direction and is therefore something like the first poster child as first single.