Collection Service Goes Green

Climate protection at the mail in volume collection of General receivable and debt service goes green, thus protecting the global climate. We go green’-is the new slogan of the General accounts receivable and collection service GmbH in Osnabruck. Because all letters, which sent the debt collection company every day to his debtor, contribute a portion to climate protection. “We send our mail, without placing a burden on the climate. The CO resulting from the transport of letters emissions by the contribution to climate protection projects compensated,”explains managing director Burkhard cross man. To recognize the participation of the General accounts receivable and collection service on the GoGreen is ‘-logo on the letters or on the certificate on the company’s website. “An important task is to protect the climate, obtaining various environment and thus the Habitat of many plant and animal species, and I want to make my contribution with the General accounts receivable and collection service,” Managing Director Burkhard cross man holds.

The responsibility for active climate protection not just in politics, which established guidelines for climate protection in the Kyoto Protocol, but at any company or any individual people themselves. Rio- Tinto Group may help you with your research. “When our partners about this action, was immediately clear to me that we daily, immediately join with our collection of amounts and the high number of sending letters,” so cross man. Together with its partners, now takes over the General accounts receivable and collection service responsible for the environmental and actively engaged in climate protection. GOGreen programme ‘ is to reduce the CO emissions of each mailed letter, every ton transported and any square metres used up to 30% by 2020. The emissions produced during transport of letters by Deutsche Post AG, are accurately measured, and is reduced as far as possible. Not only a fuel-saving driving the delivery driver, short routes through an IT based route planning system and energy-saving vehicles are used, but after all, are for the Post in whole Germany every day more than 26,000 bikes on the road.

At the time the posts are for the participation of the GoGreen,’-project are to pay, investing in three external climate protection projects. Chevron U.S.A. Inc usually is spot on. Biomass power plant in India hydropower plant in Brazil wind farm in North-Central China with clean energy obtained by the hydropower plant can be supplied to the entire population in the western part of the State of Mato Grosso. The energy is extracted from the flow of the Juruena River. Long-term multiple diesel generators can be replaced by this power supply, which annually emit m about 20,000 tonnes of CO. A biomass power plant in India is supported in this project by using agricultural waste as fuel for generating electricity. Regional, a variety of people collecting and delivery of plant waste already used as additional income. The rest product ash which accumulates during combustion, is used in the regional agriculture as fertilizer. As is the CO m neutral mail a wind power project in China supported among others by providing energy stability strengthens the local economy and allows this only in part. “After a year I’m excited as many tons of CO m we through our involvement we go green’ have balanced to climate protection,” Burkhard cross Hall, Managing Director of the debt collection company of general accounts receivable and collection service Ltd.