Each has a different psychological attraction that it works like magic in the prospectuses and clients. There are some examples here: – To offer a Great Benefit – " Everything what you need for your emprendimiento" – To create Curiosity – " there is shortage the secrets of xito" – It writes subject with an angle of the news – " it sends RSVP For which they want to duplicate his fast money! " – To offer an immediate satisfaction – " Confir to me its attendance, and you can begin to make money before sol&quot is hidden; A task for the house: It at least writes 25 lines of subject before deciding which to use. It takes both better according to you and you prove both in his campaign of marketing. Step # 3 – What has in your product for them? Sintese and writes all the imaginable benefits that its product has. It does not know to the difference between characteristics and benefits? The characteristics speak of the product in if (it forms, size, styles, configurations, etc.); and the benefits are everything what it can obtain with that product (to increase its sales, to lower of weight, higher being, etc.). Characteristics go with the logic, the logic justifies the emotion, and the emotion justifies the sales.

Here a gold rule to know the benefits; it must be asked What can make my product or service by my client? After to begin to write its letter saying to him to its reader which THIS PRODUCT CAN HACERPARA THEY. Dgales how it would improve his lives if they buy their product; dgales the best thing than will feel, and the good that is the people who acquired already it. Step # 4 – Attractive an Emotional one When the promotion some product or service, is due to remember that the purchase decisions are based on the emotion and soon this is endorsed by the logic.